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Practice Specialities

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders are life threatening illnesses that deserve competent care. If you are struggling with symptoms of an eating disorder such as obsession around food choices,increased rigidity around food, uncontrollable eating or restriction, know that you are notalone. Having worked at all levels of eating disorder care, Taylor, can support you in your eating disorder recovery.

Eating Disorders
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Intuitive Eating

Are you ready to make peace with food?  Intuitive Eating is a non-diet approach to healing your relationship with food and your body.  Intuitive Eating is for you if you want to trust your body to help you make food decisions that actually feel both physically and mentally good to you.  We are mostly all born with the intuition to trust our bodies and feed ourselves, as we live our lives we become more disconnected. Intuitive Eating is the perfect self care framework to reconnect!  Taylor Aasand is trained by Evelyn Tribole in all aspects of intuitive eating and is considered an expert by colleagues in this work.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy treats and manages diseases with evidence based nutrition practices. Medical Nutrition Therapy includes a detailed nutrition assessment of the patient, and often involves a collaborative team approach including a patient’s primary physician or specialist.  Medical Nutrition Therapy may be for you if you have a diagnosis of:




Kidney Disease

Crohn’s Disease

Celiac Disease


It is important to note Taylor Aasand Nutrition will not prescribe weight loss and practices Medical Nutrition Therapy from a weight inclusive and Health at Every Size approach.

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Intuitive Eating
Medical Nutrition Therapy
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Digestive Disorders

A majority of patients who are struggling with eating disorders, struggle with severe digestive issues.  Estimates show that up to 98% of eating disorder patients meet the criteria for at least one major digestive disorder.  It can be so frustrating when clients hear “Just keep eating”, to treat sometimes debilitating GI symptoms.  Taylor Aasand Nutrition can help you find relief from:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Acid Reflux





Eating disorders may cause these gastrointestinal ailments, and having a GI disorder in childhood increases the likelihood of developing an eating disorder.  It is so important to have a thorough initial assessment and an appropriate treatment plan to make sure we are individualizing each unique patient’s treatment plan when it comes to GI distress.

Digestve Disorders

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